Top 5 Mistakes Done By Newbie Bloggers

Blogging Mistakes Done by Newbie Bloggers
Summary: Are you a new blogger? Avoid these five newbie bloggers mistakes to make money with your blog and grow some blog traffic.

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Blogging is a chaotic and competitive place. It’s hard to tell what mistakes one can make. For newbie bloggers, there are can many dreadful mistakes that can hamper your blogging experience and results very quickly.

Carry on reading to discover the top 5 mistakes done by newbie bloggers and how you can avoid them.

If you are starting a blog, here are the top 5 mistakes that even professional bloggers do from time to time:

Table of Contents

Newbie bloggers mistake #1: Not using SEO related keywords

Newbie Bloggers Mistake Not Using SEO Keywords

If you’re trying to rank for a competitive keyword, it may take several weeks before you start ranking for that term. You also want your content to be easily discoverable by others, so including at least one or two primary keywords in your post should suffice.

Don’t forget to sprinkle some long tail keywords within your blog posts too!

Newbie bloggers mistake #2: Not creating an email list

Blogging Mistake By Not Creating An Email List

Creating an email list will allow you to stay in touch with your readers and provide them with valuable content on a regular basis.

Plus, if done correctly, it can help attract new subscribers without having to spend all day blogging on Facebook groups or spamming your friends to sign up to your new blog.

Lucky for you, there are many great free email marketing solutions for newbie bloggers. My favorite is AWeber and you can sign up for a free account (for life) here.

Newbie bloggers mistake #3: Too many popups and no exit intents

Blogging Mistakes Having Too Many Popups

Popups can annoy readers if used too frequently but they’re the best way to capture new leads that are ready to start a new blog and maybe looking for some additional resources, such as a blogging course.

If you are starting a blog, focus on having one or two popups per session and if you want to make the popup less intrusive, consider leveraging exit intent technology. In other words, the popup will only be visible when the visitor is expected to leave the page.

Newbie bloggers mistake #4: Asking for subscription or something in return

Newbie Bloggers Mistake Begging for Followers

This. Is. Bad.

Starting a brand new blog means there is low traffic (or no traffic at all). This doesn’t give you the permission to bug everyone who comes to your site. I know many new bloggers who will beg for followers — and you simply got to avoid this beginner’s mistake in blogging.

Newbie bloggers mistake #5: Not having a blogging checklist

Blogging Checklists for Newbie Bloggers

As newbie bloggers, we don’t always know what we’re doing or what mistakes to avoid. Having a new blogger guide can help us learn the ropes and set us on the right path for new blog success.

Common questions about blogging for beginners (and blogging mistakes to avoid)

A new blog's success is determined by how many new subscribers and engagement they receive from their new readers as well as the traffic their website receives. One of the most important things new bloggers can do at the beginning of their new blog is to get new subscribers and create new engagement with new readers. This can increase blog traffic, and will eventually help them rank in the search engines for a specific keyword or topic.

One of the best ways to attract new readers and build connections within the blogging community is by joining social media groups that are related to your new blog's niche. This gives you new ways to connect and share new content.

You don't have to beg! You can easily attract new readers by sharing new content, engaging with other bloggers in the community, and/or asking questions about their new blog.

You don't need to be an expert to start a new blog! You do, however, need new followers on social media and new readers who are willing to follow your new blog. The best way is by being active within the blogging community and joining blogs that are related to your new blog's niche.

New bloggers can attract more traffic to their blog by using social media groups, commenting on posts that are related to your blog, sharing new content about a certain topic with new followers, joining Facebook groups related to blogging, and/or starting conversations within blog groups.

Sometimes new bloggers don't think new subscribers are important in the beginning. This is why new bloggers should start new email lists, new followings, new traffic and new relationships at the beginning of their new blog.

An email list allows new bloggers to stay in touch with their new readers on a more personal level. It will also allow new bloggers to provide new readers with new content, such as blog posts or email courses.

When new bloggers are starting new relationships, it's vital they follow up by requesting new subscribers for their new blog. This keeps them in the "front of new readers' minds" and encourages new engagement.

In addition to participating in social media groups, new bloggers can increase their new friendships by joining blogger forums, creating a community on their new website, or developing a poll that will allow blog followers to interact with new subscribers.

Summary: Avoid common blogging mistakes is easy

Yes, it is easy. Why?

The answers are laid out right in front of you (scroll back to the top) in this article.

In a summary, there are many mistakes that newbie bloggers do (bloggers mistake) which are easily avoidable.

As a rule of thumb, always take a step back and relax. Blogging is a business and it takes time to grow your blogging business.

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