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From starting a blog to make money blogging, get the best blogging tips specially created for beginners like you. Discover the exact steps I took to go from $0 to over 6 figures in just 12 months. And the best part, if I can do it, any Malaysian could do too!

Blogging 1K—Free Blogging Course

Blogging 1K is my flagship blogging course for beginners. What instead of paying for hundreds if not thousands of Ringgit for blogging courses, join now to get unlimited access to my blogging course. Did I mentioned that it is an absolutely free blogging course?

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" is not like any other sites in Malaysia. We are devoted to providing the best blogging tips especially with helping Malaysian bloggers to build reliable income sources online."

A Blogging Framework That Works For Bloggers

Anyone can start a blog but making it a success with traffic growth and earnings are completely different. Here are 3 core factors in blogging that differentiate winners to average Joe's/Jane's.


Building A Powerful Blog Structure

Stay above the noise by structuring your blog content for success which includes advanced planning and silo-ing.

Crafting Content For Search

Each content that you publish must be search-optimized to send the right signals to search engine crawlers.

Optimizing For Revenue

Discover proven techniques to monetize your blog content, from banner advertising to sponsored content opportunities.

Start Blogging And Make Money Online

Launch Your Own Blog Right Now With The Best Resources on the Internet

Blogging Questions And Answers

We know that you have questions—and we want to answer them all (as much as we can).


Blogging Tips For Beginners

How To Launch A WordPress Blog From Scratch

Start A Blog: Fool-Proof Step By Step Guide To Launch Your First WordPress Blog

WordPess vs Wix Which is best for blogging

WordPress vs Wix: Comparing The Two Major Blogging Platforms To Start A Blog (Zero BS)

How To Increase Blog Traffic Quickly For Your WordPress Site

20 Spy Tactics To Increase Your Blog Traffic By Over 200% (Beginner Friendly Guide)

WordPress SEO: How To Rank Your Blog Easily Without Hiring An SEO Agency

WordPress SEO: How To Easily Rank You Blog On Page 1 Without Hiring An SEO Agency

How To Make Money Online In Malaysia With Blogging

Make Money Online: How To Monetize Your Blog (And Make Over RM1,000 A Month)?

Discover How I Went From Zero To Over 5 Figures In Just 5 Months With Blogging

Discover How I Went From Zero To Over 5 Figures In Just 12 Months With Blogging

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