Making money online is hard.

There are thousands of people trying to do it, but most fail and give up after a few months. The truth is that there’s no magic bullet for making money on the Internet. That’s why you need this free guide from Income Stream Experts with all kinds of practical tips and strategies for monetizing your website or blog, earning affiliate commissions, creating e-courses and membership sites, etc..

Reginald Chan Founder of Income Stream Experts

Who am I?

Hi. I’m Reginald and I’ve been an Internet entrepreneur since 2004 (yup!). I’m hugely passionate about making money online especially using the Internet and I have always wanted to share my knowledge with everyone.

I am far from successful but I have a fair share of experience in the digital world — making a healthy 5-figure every month solely from using the Internet.

I encourage you to follow me in my journey in Income Stream Experts and as gratitude, you will find all my secret hacks and techniques to earn money online without multilevel marketing or cryptocurrency.

Question: How can I help you with online marketing?

I only have one goal — that’s helping you make some money online by leveraging your expertise, interest and passion.


Don’t worry. I’ll help you discover them fairly quickly.

Affiliate marketing can make you money fairly quickly. Learn the exact steps I took to find, engage and convince ready-to-buy website visitors to make a purchase (and earn a commission from the sale).

Anyone can start a blog but there are things you need to do to launch a successful blog from scratch. And, I’m going to tell you exactly how.

Finding a job or want to earn some side income? You can start a freelancing career with zero investment (thanks to today’s technology advancement).

Business owners around the world struggle to find sales and leads. Learn how you can launch your marketing agency with minimal costs and find your first client!

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